to jeff!

I know you probably check this blog; I kinda guessed when you talked about someone you dated in the past and had a post in FB/blog about dating rules. If you do check this blog and with your craziness translate it in Google Translator or whatever I'm gonna tell this to you in English!

Thank you for the post card but I really hope to not hear from you NEVER EVER AGAIN! For me past is past and I never want to look back and when I told you I'm not attracted to you and I don't feel I wanna go out with you anymore I meant it. 

No means No!

So please stop stalking me because it's SO pathetic and you are a grown man and should find sth more useful for yourself to do.

By the way, new year has nothing with pomegranate!

Again, I do NOT want to recive any kind of card/gift and "nice" gesture from you!


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کاش یک نفر هم این چیزا رو به من بگه.... آخه من همش یک نفر رو دارم از دور می پام. کسی که دیگه من تو زندگیش نیستم!